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equipping ordinary people to lead others to BE the Church

Our dream is to raise up ordinary believers to make disciples who make disciples, plant  House Churches, and advance the Gospel.

Our dream is that ordinary people would rise up out of the cushioned seats of our churches and move beyond the walls of the church to take the church to people.

Our dream is that ordinary people that most would see as the B team would rise up and claim their purpose God has called them to.

Our dream is that ordinary people would see that God has uniquely qualified them and called them to make disciples of all nations, neighborhoods and circles of influence.

Our dream is that children, students and adults would know they can be the church NOW and make a significant impact for Jesus.

Our dream is that ordinary people would truly seek Jesus and be willing to be in accountable relationships as they are in the battle for souls.

Our dream is that ordinary people would move from collecting data to utilizing it to make disciples of all nations.

Our dream is that it would be this generation that is the last person to share the Gospel with the last person who has never heard the Gospel before Jesus comes back.

Our dream at the conclusion is that you will have drawn closer to Jesus, been strengthened as the body of Christ and disciple others and plant more house churches.

Training Center meets on Wednesday Evenings from 6:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m. at our Mobile Missions Network Campus.  It's an intensive that lasts one semester to raise up DNA Leaders, House Church Shepherds and Missionaries.

Meeting on Wednesday nights, we gather to pray and train.  Our primary resource to help us in this endeavor is The Timothy Initiative's Disciples Making Disciples.  Part Discipleship and Part Ministry Training.


1.  House Church Planting--we want to raise up House Church shepherds that will help make disciples who make disciples.

2.  D.N.A. Leaders  --we want to make disciples who make disciples.  The first step in becoming House Church Shepherds or Community Coordinators is making disciples through D.N.A. Groups.  D.N.A. groups are groups of 3-4 men or women who are intentional in spending time in the Word and being held accountable to obey the Word.


3.  Community Missionaries  --we want to plant the Gospel where it currently is not.  This could be in apartment communities, mobile home communities or out on the streets.


The main focus here is helping you find where God wants you to plant to glorify Him and push back the darkness.  It’s not just seeing  or learning or hearing but experiencing the same power that raised Jesus from the dead. It’s “tasting and seeing the Lord is good.” Many in our churches see and hear, but they never experience God for themselves. They are living vicariously through others, BUT God wants for YOU to experience Him!

How much does it cost?

$15 per semester

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