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Mobile Missions Network Internship

Equipping young adults to make disciples who make disciples.

Spend Think spiritual bootcamp.  A place you will be challenged spiritually, physically and practically in ministry.


Frontliners incorporate hands-on ministry experience, discipleship, event planning, small group accountability, and mentoring under the oversight of the leaders of Mobile Missions Network and Church Inside Out. 


This ministry gives you the opportunity to be stretched, tested and groomed to develop you as a servant leader. The goal of the internship is to help you in finding your purpose in advancing the kingdom of God.

Scripture:   The Word of God is our guide.  Opinions are opinions.  God’s Word is truth.

Honor:  To hold God, people, and His house in the highest esteem; we honor because we are honorable.

Authority:  Humble yourself, submit to God, and meet the needs of others.

Faith:  Unquestioning trust in God that does not require proof or evidence.

Love:  Choose others before yourself.

Tempo:  Continue effort in spite of difficulty or opposition while maintaining a sense of urgency.

Passion and Creativity:  Define your passion and engage creatively to advance the kingdom.

Independence and Dependence:  Independence in that one can work on their own.  Dependence in that we are a team and the goal is the advancement of the kingdom.

Intentionality:  Be focused in all things with the advancement of God being our goal

  • Live in an intimate community of people seeking to know Christ

  • Participate in mercy and justice ministries that seek to tangibly demonstrate the love of Christ to the world

  • Receive discipleship and ministry training from a variety of established leaders

  • Devote significant time to personal spiritual formation through Bible study, prayer, and a lifestyle of worship in community

  • Be a part of the Church Inside Out Church Plant choosing an area to major in.

  • Shepherd youth groups that come and serve with us.

  • Help with administrative tasks to prepare for upcoming mission teams, Church Inside Out and Mobile Missions Network

  • Adopt a community weekly to help plant missional churches

  • Assist in managing Social Media, video, and advertising

  • Help with after school ministry in our communities

  • Participate in weekly staff meetings Tuesdays at 9:00 a.m. and Thursdays at 9:30 a.m.

  • Note: This is a working internship.  Be fluid!  Schedules will change at the last minute.  You will get your hands dirty.  There will be things you do that you won’t like, but ALWAYS REMEMBER that we are preparing the way of the Lord.  If you are looking for a spotlight, this is not the place to be.  If you are willing to place yourself on the altar, then come on!

  • Make things happen.  There will be times in ministry where there will be a lull.  Here are your options:

    • Pray/Worship

    • Authentic Fellowship

    • PrayerWalk


Fill out Electronic Application then there will be a  Phone or In-Person  Interview

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