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Church Inside Out

Equipping Ordinary people to BE the church

Join us as we become a family of missionary servants sent to our neighborhoods/communities and city to make disciples who make disciples.

  • From Church Served to Church Sent.

  • From Church With a Mission to A Mission With a Church.

  • From Place of Privilege to Posture of a Servant.

  • From Equipping Some to Activating All.

  • From Church Activities to Kingdom Impact.

We are...Church Inside Out...a church of missionaries who has a desire to equip ordinary people to be the church and take the church to people in a lead role or support role.  You will find our gathering times on Sunday morning are meant to:

  • REMIND us who we are in Christ

  • REMAIN faithful to Christ

  • RESCUE those far from Christ

  • RELEASE to make disciples

  • 2821 W. 40th St. , Tulsa  OK:   led by Mike and Sarah Lehew
  • 25627 Blackberry Blvd. ,Claremore  OK:    led by Jared and Rachel Jackson
  • 11219 S. 209th W. Avenue, Sapulpa OK:         led by Chris and Geneva Guthrie
  • 13750 W. 71st Street South, Sapulpa OK:     led by Jacob and Adrienne Henson
  • 3102 N. Water, Sapulpa OK:     led by Brad and Julie Burgess
  • 511 S. Muskogee, Sapulpa OK:     led by Steven and Christine Taff
  • 27400 W. 19th Street South, Bristow OK :    led by Patrick and Melissa Stone
Spiritual Formation Process.png

We are excited about what God is doing through His people.  Church Inside Out is an affiliate church and a DBA under the ministry of Mobile Missions Network whose aim is to take the church to people.  


Come and join the adventure!  If you want to move beyond just attending church to being on the frontlines to push back darkness, join us!

Check out                                                           for more information.
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